Building the Chinook

Construction de notre 



Steps 6A, 14A, 16A and 17A

Installation of floor tube channels
Installation of pylon side & belly rib
Installation of pylon diagonals
Installation of pylon braces
We finally received the 2-23 channels. With that key piece in place, we could proceed with the building of the passenger cabin...
Nancy and Jean holding the left pylon side.
The rivetting tool is finding even the small 1/8" rivets on the pylon brace increasingly difficult, it needs to be replaced.
Le haut du pylon side brace (2-032) a du être limé pour lui permettre de bien s'ajuster sans entrer en contact avec le boulon. 

Installation du plancher arrière...
Installation of the rear floor pan.
The new rivetting tool (a Stanley found at Canadian Tire)
works much better than the previous one.

Résultat final: