Building the Chinook

Construction de notre 


Steps 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A

Installation of under carriage & strut carry through
Installation & assembly of front rudder pulley
Installation of axle tube
Installation of under carriage corner brackets
Installation of strut attach plates
Here we start!  The installation of the undercarriage and down tubes is easy, but the pre-drilled holes did not match exactly.  Some minor adjustments were needed.  The final result is a structure already very solidly attached to the main tube.
The cables were inserted through the vertical support plates.  The pulleys were then installed to check the alignment.
The wheels are attached to a short tube attached to a pivot.  Bungees are used to provide a suspension system!  What we got looked much shorter than what is on the picture, but this is what A.S.A.P. confirmed it should be.

Now we proceeded to the installation of the struts.
The struts and attach plates are assembled and bolted together (with the nut towards the back of the aircraft).
This nut should not be tightened yet since it will be removed to attach a lateral tube.

More bolts to add to finalize the assembly of the side struts.


This is what can be seen if one looks down the main tube.  Rivet heads!