Building the Chinook

Construction de notre 


I Actually went flying that morning for some practice.  I called Nancy at around 10:00 am but she had not heard from the delivery company.  Fifteen seconds after our conversation, she calls me back: "The truck is in front of the house!" 

The 5 boxes were in the truck which was otherwise almost empty.  Even with the Alberta licence plates, this truck had only carried our plane for the last 20 km of the whole stretch.  Good thing we were there to help, the man was alone with his delivery.  The box containing the smaller parts (seats, tanks, bolts, etc...) was the heaviest.

The happy new owners! It is finally here!

Except for this one, all the boxes were in good condition.  This hole was in the long box and an aluminium tube was showing when we looked inside the hole.
However, after opening the box, we did not find any damaged part.

The garage is quite full now.  The engine, the paint and the propeller will go inside the house to give us some room for the rest.

Le moteur, un Rotax 582

La canette de diluant à peinture a coulé pendant le transport, liquéfiant ainsi le styrofoam de protection dans la boite.